BRT Peshawar Latest Updates about Another BRT bus catches fire

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BRT Peshawar Latest Updates about Another BRT bus catches fire

Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) is a high quality high capacity transport system, which provides fast, efficient, reliable and comfortable mode of transport for the travelers. In a BRT system, the buses travel in a dedicated corridor and avoid the congestion on the road. BRT also provides improved waiting facilities and supporting infrastructure for passengers such as e-ticketing and real time information about bus schedules.
TransPeshawar's first phase will consist of an east-west busway which will stretch from Chamkani in the east end to the Karkhano market in the west end of Peshawar. It is planned that feeder routes will also start either before or along side main corridor.

Construction of the east-west corridor will be completed in three phases:

Phase 1: Chamkani to Balahisar Fort
Phase 2: Balahisar Fort to Aman Chowk
Phase 3: Aman Chowk to Karkhano Market
The entire road structure along the east-west corridor will also be reconstructed, and will include a new bicycle lane.The number of traffic lanes along the GT Road will also be reduced, leading to what will be intended as a more pedestrian-friendly street.

Project construction was launched in November 2017, and is being built concurrent to the Peshawar Ring Road, which will redirect heavy vehicles away from the city centre. The project was awarded to consortium led by China Railway 21st Bureau Group, while engineering consulting was provided by Mott MacDonald.

So what are the Benefits of introducing a BRT System in Peshawar?

A number of cities throughout the world have introduced a BRT System into the fabric of the city and seen the following benefits:

Reduced travel times for the users of public transport;
Safer and a more comfortable means of travel;
Reduced vehicle emissions; improving the environment
More reliable journey times for users;
More friendly means of travel for women and children;
Will allow an improved environment for passengers with limited mobility;
Improve land values along the BRT Corridor and promote economic development; and
Enhance the city outlook and reputation.

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